Thursday, 12.January 2017
Even though I said to myself: I won’t stress myself this time the morning ended with me running though the apartment with sweat running down my back.
Packing the suitcase, closing the suitcase, weighing the suitcase – noticing that the suitcase is too heavy – opening it the suitcase, closing the suitcase…
I wanted to leave my room in an immaculate state, which didn’t work out that well… (sorry, Mum!)

3/4 of my best friends and Mathias (my brother) brought me to the airport and now it was getting serious. Time to say goodbye, I am not good at that.
Mum recovered in time and now she would come with me.

After several hugs (and even more tears, most of them mine) I turned around and went through passport check. I didn’t look back, I think my heart wouldn’t have been able to handle that.

Off we went through security and then it was already time to board the plane…

The first flight would lead us to a stopover in Amsterdam.

At take off a few more tears were escaping my eyes; I wouldn’t be here for almost five months after all.

5 months… doesn’t sound that much but saying goodbye was pretty hard on me, for several reasons.

Sad thoughts were gone soon though…

As soon as we reached flight level we noticed two guys from Styria sitting in the row in front of us. I was distracted soon, since events unravelled like this (this is just a bit of a whatsapp message, I sent after we landed):

The guys in front of us seriously brought Gin&Tonic on board. In a Gordon’s bottle. With cucumber and all that jazz. 😂

HAHAHAHHA  the Stewardess took the bottle away from them hahahahhaa
“I need to keep an eye on your alcohol intake on board.”

We talked to them about how they managed to get this on the flight…
They bought the gin in duty free and then went to a bar to ask for ice and cucumbers. 😂😂😂

One of them is very keen on small talk. The other one had his 21st birthday yesterday and would like to carry on “partying”.
The stewardess said she would look if there was anything she “could do for them”.
Both of them are from Graz and a friend of them is also studying to become a primary teacher and was also in Norway on an Erasmus semester. How small the world is.
They would like to spend the night in a coffee shop.

The birthday boy got a present from the stewardess. 2 cans of Coke and a colouring book.  😂


The second we landed they were overjoyed: “Yessss, we are in Amsterdam. It is legal heeeeeere!” 😂

I now want to thank these two gentlemen for making my flight a funny one. (Even if they will probably never read this.)

At the airport Schiphol we now had 1.5 hours at our disposal. We spent them shopping the duty free shops for a bit. (Alcohol is supposed to be very expensive in Norway I was told…) and eating a Panini.

With a bottle of Tanqueray in my hand luggage it was time to board the second flight – off to Stavanger!

Mum had the idea to book us into the airport hotel for the first night – it was a very good idea!

Knackered we fell into bed and I was infinitely eager to find out what the next days would be like…