Fridy, 13.January 2017
After the alarm went off at 8 o’clock we went to breakfast – there was a chocolate fountain!

After breakfast the “house keeper” of my future student hall, Sola Sjø, kindly picked us up with his car.
On out way to the student hall he told us that usually it takes only about 20 minutes to go from the airport to the student hall by foot but since there are currently construction zones everywhere in Sola it would take us longer.
These construction zones are also the reason why there currently is no bus that goes straight from Sola to the city of Stavanger which kind of sucks but you’ll still get there with only one change of busses.

The first thing I did as soon as we arrived Sola Sjø was checking out my room as I was so curious to see it. Soon it was clear: I can work with that! (Unfortunately I forgot to take a “before” photo…)
As soon as Mum and me looked through all the closets in the house (soon I had an electric kettle and a shelf) we put the duvet and cushions we found into the washing mashine and started cleaning my room.
Soon it was sparkeling clean, all was dusted and wiped down and after we hung up my bedding to dry, we got on our next mission: IKEA!

There we scraped together everything I would need for the next few months: towels, a dryingrack, a nice mug, a plant, boxes for organizing stuff and just a little bit of decoration…
After we were done shopping we treated ourselves to some Köttbullar.

Packed with all our new purchases we got on the bus and made our way back to the students hall.
From the bus stop it takes approximately 15 walking minutes to go back to the students home.
At the bus stop there was a shopping trolly that was left behind by coincidence (?), so we took that and loaded it up with our bags and off we went.
What we didn’t take into consideration were the gusts of wind that were foretold for this evening. At this point they had probably reached about 80 km/h – I nearly took off with my newly acquired drying rack. 😀

You should assume that we went straight to bed after such an exciting day – but no…
Back at the students housing we put away our stuff and off we went again – to the supermarket with a collegue of mine. We unfortunately had to sprint to the bus – sorry Mum!
There we just stocked up on essentials (toilet paper, tea, milk, bread, cleaning stuff for the bathroom…)

Back at the accommodation it was finally bed time though!

Saturday, 14.January 2016
After sleeping in, we bundled up and then we were off to our next adventure – Stavanger Sentrum!

We did a bit of sightseeing, marvelled at the harbour and just got some bits and bobs for my room. (I managed to lose my hat twice(!) – and got it back both times…)

The city is really nice, you have to stroll up and down a bit, because it is located all over some small hills with charming little houses. There are hardly any apartement towers, especially directly in the center.


Nearly starving we found a nice restaurant and treated ourselves to Pizza – for “only” 50€!! (prices are no jokes here, seriously…)


Back at Sola Sjø Mum took care of the bathroom (Thank you! ♥) and I took it upon myself to furnish and decorate my room. Roomtour is coming soon!

Then it was already time for bed again.

Sunday, 15.January 2017
Now the time had come – time to say another goodbye…
In the morning Mum made her way to the airport and now I was alone in my new room and tried to distraced myself quickly. (Like I said… I am not the best with saying goodbye…)
Thanks again Mum, for coming with me and helping me getting settled it! ♥

I then went to the kitchen because soon it was clear that this was the place for all the social gatherings in Sola Sjø.

Two hours later I was already on my way with a big group – ice skating it was.
I even got over my fear of ice skating and dared to skate myselfe – and I must say – it was great fun!