Samstag, 21.Jänner 2017

→ Sola Stranden

After the most beautiful trip to the beach in Sola we decided to get to know Stavanger by night.
What I noticed was that the streets were way busier by night than by day!
We ended up in a club called “Hexagon”.
At first there wasn’t a lot going on in there but with us and our big group of erasmus students the dance floor got busy quite quickly.

After dancing to a few songs some collegues of mine (a girl from Switzerland and a guy from Austria) and myself decided to go to the bar to find out if the alcohol was ineed THIS expensive. So we went and ordered a round of tequila – for 30 EUROS!!
We joked about that if we were in our home counties we would have been able to buy a bottle of tequila for this amount of money…

The thing with going out here in Stavanger is that everyone who lives in “my” student home, Sola Sjø, has two options: either you just party a little bit and take the bus at 12am OR you really commit and party for real because the next bus after that leaves at 3:30am.
So this saturday we decided to commit to this and try how this “partying for real” works for us.
It was a really nice night but it was almost 5am when I finally got to bed and I won’t be able to pull that off every weekend… 😉

Sunday, 22.January 2017
In regard to the time we got into bed the night before sunday was a nice and slow day.
I slept in and in the afternoon myself and 5 of my collegues got together and we booked a trip: at the end of Feburary we will be flying to the Lofoten!
The Lofoten islands are a group of islands located at the coast of Norway, up north, so we really hope to see some northern lights when we go there.
We won’t talk about how much we paid for this trip though…(let’s just say, alcohol isn’t the only expensive thing here in Norway…)