Monday, 16.January 2017
The excitement and anticipation were real: the first day of Uni was starting.
By public transport you need about an hour to go to Uni, so every morning at 7:30 there is a shuttle that picks us up right our front door and takes us directly to the University of Stavanger.
When I left the house at half past 7 it was still pitch-black outside, you could even see the stars!

With the shuttle we were at Uni within 20 minutes and even had some time to spare before the first lesson started.
A student organisation was kindly giving out coffee and tea while were waiting.

Then the first course started.
Firstly there were general informations about the education system in Norway and comparisons to the systems in our home countries.
In my “Comparative Education”-group we are approximately 40 people – from Germany, Austria, Ireland, Holland, Finland, Spain, Belgium, Swizerland and even more countries.

Then the obligatory “getting to know each other”-games were starting – I don’t think that any field of study, in any country (and mostly primary education!) can do without these! 😄

At 12 o’clock we went on back to Sola, stopping at a supermarket on the way – we would bake cake in the evening!


Tuesday, 17.January 2017
In the morning there was the same course as the day before, Introduction the the Norwegian Schoolsytem…
After that there was an “Orientation”-event. We were promised free pizza but as it turned out it was a rumour. 😉

In the evening we celebrated a birthday – with chocolate cake and selfmade chili con carne.

Uni until noon and in the evening we got together in the common room and some people were playing the guitar and singing – a jam session! Most of the people here are really good at music!

Thursday, 19.January 2017
Late in the morning myself and some of my newly found friends got on a bus to the city center and started exploring it.

First of all we went to the harbour, in the old city (Gamle Stavanger). It is soo nice there! All of the houses are painted white and built from wood.



After our little tour through the city we caught the bus to university because every thursday there is “Happy Hour” in the students house on campus (Studentenes Hus). A pitcher of beer is “only” 16 euros between 5pm and 6pm.
At 8pm we took the shuttle home and I went to bed soon after that.


Friday, 20.January 2017
Highly motivated we went to Uni again on friday – even though we had no courses that day and got registered at the gym.
First workout – done. 💪
On our way home we dropped by the supermarket because traditionally in Norway every friday is ‘Taco Friday’! 😀
(I’m not joking: “According to a VG study in 2012, the taco is by far the most popular dinner on Friday in Norway […]
This study determined that 400,000 Norwegians—or 8.2% of the population—eat tacos every single Friday.” []).
So naturally we quickly adjusted to the norwegian style of living…