Monday, 23.January 2017
In the morning we took the shuttle to Uni even though we only had class at 10 because we decided to try out one of the classes offered in the gym – Pilates!
I had never been to a pilates class before that but I have to say I really liked it!
And my muscles weren’t even half as sore as I expected the next day. 😀

Tuesday, 24.January 2017 and Wednesday, 25.January 2017
Nothing worth writing about! 😀

Donnerstag, 25.Jännner 2017
Included in our course “Music Crossing Borders” we had a mini guitar lesson – and I have to say – I really learned some things!
Even though we were only taught for 45 minutes – I can play two songs now! 😉


After Uni it was time Studentenes Hus once again. After this we decidet to go on an “adventure” to the local Burger King!


Friday, 27.January 2017
This was the first morning where I was not too motivated. I wasn’t feeling too good (and no, this had nothing to do with the one beer from the night before 😉 ) and generally felt a bit down.
All of this was over quite quickly when I left the house though because the view that spread out in front of me was spectacular!

“Music Crossing Boarders” had a guest lector: “Drumming Lars”, a norwegian guy who specialised himself in the art of an african drum: “Djembé” and that is how we got the opportunity to get a 3 hour course in Djembé-playing! On the bottom you’ll find a video of one of my collegues.


Highlight of the day: Vaffelfredag!
The students organisation offered free waffles in Studentenes Hus. We couldn’t miss that, could we?


In the evening it was time for Taco Friday! (We watched a movie after that.)