Monday, 30.January 2017
Uni would have started at 12 o’clock but once again we took the shuttle because we wanted to attend Pilates. So we got up at half past six, got on the bus and when we arrived at 7:50am – there was no Pilates!
We were very happy about it…
In the end we got over ourselves and still worked out for about an hour.
Leaving the gym we were rewarded with a beautiful sunrise.


After the gym it was time for my first presentation – it went well and so now that was done.

Later we had our first Norwegian class which was pretty interesting.
It is kind of funny, learning another language while speaking English but it was great fun!

Tuesday, 31.January 2017
We had Uni from 8 until 4pm which was pretty exhausting and after that the plan was to go to the “Ice Breaker Party” which was organized by the students organisation.
Because it was only set to start at 6pm we decided to use the leftover time to visit one of the main sights in Stavanger:Β Sverd I Fjell!
We came there just as the sun was setting – a perfect scenery for some really nice pictures.

After the sun had set it was time to go to the city. The Ice Breaker Party took place in a location called “Folken”. It is similar to a bar and has a big upstair space for parties or concerts.


The highlight of the party was – free Pizza. After everyone warmed up a little there was a lot of dancing happening.

Wednesday, 1.February 2017
About food shopping…
I’ve decided to just buy food in big bulks and try to use it up over the space of two weeks.
So once again it was shopping time.
After our second Norwegian lesson Mary (an Irish girl) and I made our way to the shops.
To put it very short: it was an absolute catastrophy.
In the first supermarket I was already quite pissed because it wasn’t organized at all or sorted in any kind of system visable to me. Also everything was quite expensive (surprise, surprise…).
So, I was standing at the checkout, being quite pissed, when Mary aked me for the first time if I was okay, because I looked quite stressed… (in hindsight I like to believe that the power to forsee…πŸ˜„).
Off to the second supermarket – Rema, a discounter.
In the vegetable section I tried to pack up some zucchini into a paper bag – which promtly ripped and my zucchinis were tumbeling to the floor. Mary and me were already laughig at this point…I went on through the vegetable and fruit section, filling up my basked (with mainly fruit and vegetables). Arriving at the milk section my basket was already quite full so I took two packages of milk and wedged them under my arm.
I took three steps and – boom – one of the packages loosened itself, slipped out under my arm and burst on the floor. Milk was everywhere. On my jeans, on my shoes, in my shoes…
Somewhere between laughing and crying I started calling for Mary (“Suddenly I just heard a small voice calling my name…”).
She found me in this puddle of milk which was pooling around me on the floor. After we finished laughing she was so kind and got a salesmen who started cleaning up right away (“Don’t worry, this can happen to anyone!”)
Mary and I made our way to the checkout. After paying (the sum made me quite nauseous) I started to pack up my stuff into this big, sturdy looking plastic bag (similar to an IKEA bag). As soon as I was finished I noticed that one of the straps had come off on one side.
Not to worry, Mary offered me her help and so we made our way out of the supermarket – when the second strap came of.
Laughing our butts off, we had the idea that it would be quite clever to just drag the bag behind us to the bus stop. NoΒ sooner said than done .
At the bus stop I hauled the bag up on the bench and we started distribuing everything that fit into out bagpacks. After I reached into the bag for the first time I noticed – the bottom of the bag was worn through and so was one package of milk.Β Milk had spread over most of my groceries. Right…put the milk into a plastic bag, got onto the bus.
After getting off the bus, Mary offered to carry the orange juice as it was quite heavy. We took it out of the bag and… the carton of orange juice was worn through as well so a fountain of orange juice was pouring out. (the ‘holey’ juice – literally.)
Everything was just so ridiculous that we could barely walk from all the laughing.
Halfway from the bus station to the students house, so after approximately 700m, we just stopped walking because I needed a short break to adjust the shopping bag (which I was now cradeling in my arms). Β I put the bag down and as I picked it up again there was just a big spot of yoghurt on the space where the bag was standing – yes, the package of my gigant yoghurt was also worn through because of our great “let’s drag to bag to the bus stop” idea and had spread everywhere.
Everywhere = the groceries, my coat, my shoes…
We were alternating between desperation and amusement at this point.
When we finally arrived at the students accomodation I put my coat straight into the washing machine, rinsed my grocieries and put everything away.
To cut a long story short: I don’t want to go shopping for a LONG time now!Β πŸ˜‚

A thousand thank you’s to Mary, becuase without her I would have given up much sooner and just left my things somewhere along the way… πŸ˜‚ (I think we are friends now hahaha)

The positive thing about this adventure:
I already cooked many different things and froze 3-4 servings of everything, so I am stocked Β up on food right now πŸ˜€

Thursday, 2.February 2017
After my third presentation this week the lector of our class “Comparing Education” was kind enough to bring us some norwegian food to taste: crispbread, Brunost – “brown cheese” (slices of slightly caramelised goats cheese), mackerel inΒ tomato sauce and some “famous” norwegian carrots! πŸ˜„


Friday, 3.February 2017
After going to the gym I made my way to the police station because I had to get registered there. I had the bus all to myself!

Back at Uni it was time for “african dancing”, a class we had within our courseΒ “Music Crossing Borders”.
A video of our “final performance” is down below.
Even though it was very (very) exhausting myself and everyone else had a great time!

Back at home we decided to bake some pizza!