Saturday, 4.February 2017
If someone would have told me one month ago that I would spend 90 minutes in the gym, power myself out in African Dancing for two hours and then climb a mountain – and all in the space of 36 hours – I would have laughed them straight in the face.
But here I was – on top of the Dalsnuten.
Dalsnuten ist a little mountain close to Stavanger, in Sandnes. On the internet it’s described as an “Exciting and challenging walk for little kids.” . Well.
We got off the bus at the bottom of the hill and off we went.

The first few meters I could see how this was a “walk in the woods” but soon it got steeper. Quickly.
In the beginning I took a few pictures which stopped pretty soon. 

Most of the time I humbly kept the last position because I wanted to get on top of this mountain and not give up early – so my motto was “slow and steady”. 🙂

After about 45 minutes we reached the steepest point – we now had to get on all fours to reach the peak. Again I let everyone go before me and I took my sweet time getting up there.
The moment where I got over the last rock and reached the top was really amazing!


The view was incredibly beautiful even though it was quite windy (~90km/h).

From Dalsnuten you can see down on Stavanger, Sandnes, Jæren and Ryfylke hinunter.


After we wrote our names in the summit register book we made our way back down. As soon as we left the peak behind us the wind got less so you could hear your own thoughts again.😄

Back on the bottom we (freezingly) ate our lunch and started to walk back. At the bus stop we discovered that the next bus would take an hour to come there so we walked to Sandnes (~7 km).


In the evening there was a Beerpong-Tournament in the common room and what should I say… second place out of 10! 😂


Sunday, 5.February 2017
It was a slow, lazy day.
I got up quite early, had breakfast, then cleaned my room, did laundry etc.