Monday, 6.February 2017
A pretty regular Monday – Pilates in the morning, Uni and Norwegian from 16h to 18h.
What I liked best about Norwegian so far, is that if you say that you have a daughter, you say: Jeg har ei datter.
In German “Eidotter” means the yolk of an egg so I can’t help but laugh everytime I hear “ei datter”.

Bildergebnis für eigelb  ? 😄

In the evening some of us started watching a norwegian teenie series: Skam.  (I can really recommend it! With English subtitles of course…)

Tuesday, 7.February 2017
After Uni (13h-16h) four of us made our way to a shopping center. Seeing as we were so sportive now, we all had to buy some more sports clothes. At H&M everything is pretty much the same price as in Austria, sometimes a little bit more expensive.
I returned home with a new shirt, two t-shirts and one pair of sport trousers. Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, 8.Feburary 2017
Around noon we bought some tickets for the party on campus on 25.February.  I also bought myself a sweatshirt with the logo of the University of Stavanger on it. We spent the time until class in the campus cafe.
Norwegian. Sportscenter. Shuttle home, where everyone got together in the common room – picture time! (Ignore my stupid face, if you tell me “stupid picture now :D!” I WILL look stupid! 😂)


Thursday, 9.February 2017
Time for another dance class – this week norwegian folk dance!
This time around we aigain had a really good time, but unfortunately no one filmed this week…
In the early evening we went over to the students house again – happy hour! 😊

Friday, 10.February 2017
No class today – so it was quite a lazy day.
But I recieved my first package! (Thank you, Mei💕)

In the evening everyone got together and we celebrated a birthday and prepared an “International Food Evening”. Everyone cooked/baked something from their country. Austria: Applestrudles. (It was neither easy, nor cheap to find puff pastry! 😄)
When everyone was ready, we met up in the common room and filled our bellies.
It was a really nice ending of the week with some delicious food. (Frittatas; selfmade, swiss caramel candy; Currysausage; we had everything!)