Saturday, 11.February 2017
The day had arrived: I had my first visitors coming! My father and his wife touched down in Stavanger at 6 pm. As I only live 5 bus minutes away from the airport, naturally I went to pick them up.
The waters at my students home were frozen because it was pretty cold by then and the road leading to the airport loooks pretty cool if you put some filters on the pics.

After I picked up the both of them, we drove to my accomodation because they brought me sooo much stuff! I got tea, wine, cheese, chocolate, all the good stuff, which was so nice. In there with everything there was a card from my mum and even my grandpa had written something in there. ❤️

After we put everything away, we went to their hotel and then to the city where we had Indian food for dinner!
Then we went to an Irish Pub for a pint and soon I got on my journey home. (Yes, seeing as it takes about an hour to get to my students home, you can say it is a journey! 😄)

Sunday, 12.February 2017
At around 10 am my father and Reni came to my students home and we started walking to the beach.
After some wrong turns we finally got there and a certain somebody (Hrm, Dad, hrm…) really wanted to have a break. So we went to Sola Strand Hotel and payed a visit to the cafe there.

Strengthened by a cup of tea and a prawn sandwich we made our way back. After a little nap in the students home (Hrm, Dad, hrm…) we got onto the bus to the city and after a short stop at “Sverd i fjell” (the three blades in the rock) we found a nice restaurant in the city (Bevaremegvel). There we had some drinks at the bar and then sat down for some food (which was delicious). All over the  restaurants there were very cool vintage posters.

After our dinner it was already time for me to go back and hop into bed – an exicting week was about to start!