Monday, 13.February 2017
Time for an interesting day: the first day of our practicum week in a norwegian school!
Two of the belgian students and me were assigned to a school close to Sola, Storevarden Skole, and to arrive there on time we had to leave the house at 6:50 am which was a bit rough to be honest.
With the bus (which was 15 minutes late…) we reached the school at 7:40 where a teacher was already waiting for us. We were so lucky that we had the opinion to visit two different classrooms through the course of the week: First Grade (age 6) and Seventh Grade (age 13).
Bildergebnis fΓΌr storevarden skole

Everyone was really, really nice to us and we got a lot of questions!Β πŸ˜„
I discovered that us Austrians are quite far down on the average of school placement. Everyone I’ve talked to was baffled that we only had so little time in school praxis (one hour per week in the first two years and after that one week, then two).
People from other countries have told me that they might even have three weeks of placement in the first semester so they can see if they like working with kids and if this is really the profession they want to learn. I liked this idea and to be honest I think that we can catch up quite a lot in this department…Β πŸ˜‰

The first day of school went by quite quickly, we could observe teaching in both grades which was a bit difficult because everything was taught in Norwegian of course!
At 12 o’clock the school day was already over and I got on my way to meet up with my dad and Reni.

They were kind enough to take me food shopping, so now I am taken care of for the next week and I even could take some “luxury products” (strawberries, orange juice…) with me. Thanks!

After we took the things to my place, we drove down to the city which I then showed them during day time.
We made a tour around the city, walked to “Gamle Stavanger” via the harbour and back again.

After we marvelled at the purple sky which was spreading over the whole sky after sunset we again went to a restaurant for dinner: for their last night in Stavanger the both of them had chosen a fish restaurant (“Fisketorget”) down at the harbour and again the food was just delicious!

We chose a “tasting menu” – 5 little servings of different foods. After that it was straight home and to bed for me – after all I had to get up early again the next day!

Tuesday, 14.February 2017
The “front desk lady” of our placement school was so nice and decided to pick us up every morning for the week, so we basically had a driver which was very very convinient and just pleasant! Β πŸ˜ƒ

We spent more time with the first graders, who apparently liked to talk to us more than the seventh graders.Β πŸ˜„

Instead of just observing we could mix ourselves in with the students and helped where we could or just played a little bit with them!


The really funny thing to meΒ was that even though I (of course) could not understand the majority of the words they were saying I kind of got what the students were talking about most of the time. .

As soon as this school day had ended at about 2 pm I made my way to the airport and met up with Dad and Reni to have a coffee before it was time for their flight back home.

Back at the students accomodation it was time to cook: our 6-girls-group decided to cook Valentines Day Dinner for ourselves.
Two of us each were responsible for one course. Together with Daniela, I took care of the starters: Cous-cous salad!
Main course: Lasagna (Tessa + Linda)
Dessert:Β White Chocolate-Cookie Crumble-Berries Trifle and Baileys (Tess + Mary)

The dinner was a great success of course and we even cracked up a bottle of red wine to share (oh, so fancy!). 😍

Wednesday, 15.February 2017
The first three hours we spent with the “big ones” – ice skating!
I have to say that this was the coolest and prettiest ice rink I’ve ever been to…
A little pond which was only seperated from the ocean by a few rocks and for the first two hours the weather was really nice as well!

Back at the school we spent the rest of the day with the “little ones” and we even got the chance to help in an English lesson. This week they had learned the phrases “Hello! I am…, who are you? Nice to meet you!” and could now practice them on us!

Thursday, 16.February 2017
OutdoorΒ Day!
The day with the first graders was all about outdoor education and so we could accompany them to their math lessons in the woods.

This was a completely new but very cool experience for me and you could see how easy it is to offer exciting lessons to the kids without having to bring too much material (except of what you would find around you…).

It never got boring: the teachers prepared four stations for the kids, which all had to do with mathematic or group strenthening exercises.
Lunch was between the trees and we even saw a squirrel up in the trees!

There was one rule for lunch: no one sits by themselves (except if they want to) and everyone had to stay sitting down until all the students had finished eating.
Here is it generally very important to pay attention to soical intelligence. Knowledge of the subject is in the third place in the curriculum here, to the norwegians it is much more important to raise their children to be sensible humans. Compassion and empathy are regarded equally as highly as academical knowledge.

Friday, 17.February 2017
And this is how quickly the week has passed!
The last day was similar to the first, we spent most of the time just observing the lessons, so here you have some visual impressions of the school!

Because the weather was so so nice, a couple of us from the students home got on bikes in the afternoon and cycled down to the beach to watch the sunset..


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(Sorry not sorry for picture spam, it was just SO beautiful.Β β™₯)

Photos of my face byΒ Daniela!