Saturday, 25.February 2017
The day started with Linda and me making “braided” bread. Yes, we did it all ourselves! 😁
Because we made way more dough than we had expected, we were able to make four things of bread. Our plan was to prepare a breakfast for Sunday, but seeing that we now had a lot of bread and it smelled soo nice, we had to try one right away!

That evening it was time for “Husfesten” (a party on campus) and so we met at 5:30 p.m. for a little “pre-drink” (alcohol! is! expensive!) and yeah, how should I put it… if you don’t drink for a while, your tolerance for alcohol is low. Pretty low.
Another funny thing was to see each other in “full face” because most of the time we just run around without make up.

The party on campus made up very cool: some classrooms were turned into bars with different themes: Legoland, Jungle, Star Wars, etc.
In theΒ cafeteria they built up a stage where different bands and DJs performed.


P.S.: It is by the way not a good idea to try walking through a muddy patch of grass while a little drunk and wearing white shoes, new jeans and a light grey coat.Β Just sayin’. Not that I have any experiences with things like that…

Sunday, 26.February 2017
Shared breakfast in the common room, it was very quiet that morning.Β πŸ˜‚
After we finally got our sh*t together and cleaned, we went on a hangover walk to the beach.

The rest of this Sunday was very quiet but slowly we got more excited for our trip!