Saturday, 25.March 2017
The tiredness that I caught on Thursday night was staying with me, so on Saturday I didn’t do a lot besides finally deep cleaning my room.

Since I didn’t want to spend the whole day inside, Mary and me went to this mini home party at the accomodation in the inner city. We were back home at around 1 am but because we went to the bus stop that is a bit farther away, we got a bit of walking and fresh air and the party was small but really nice!


Sunday, 26.March 2017
Some weeks ago there was the opportunity to sign up for a surfing event organised by the uni via facebook and because it seemed so far away I just did it.
Now that the day had come, I began doubting myself a little…
Surfing? ME? In Norway? Hm…

We got really lucky with the weather, it was rarely so nice since I was here and we had sweltering 8 degrees!

We took a taxi to the beach where the surfing was set to happen, as there were absolutely no busses in the area. There we could rent everything, from a wet suit to a surfboard.

Putting on the wet suit proved to be a bit difficult – that thing is tight! 😳
It took some time until I was packed in the suit, I was basically sealed in airtight, (there was nooo space for bodily insecurities in this suit, let me tell yaΒ πŸ˜…), Β but all in all it was quite comfortable to wear.

I honestly could not imagine that this suit would protect me from the water, which had 4 degrees but I walked straight into the sea anyways and what can I say – it worked!
Through various gaps in the suit there was water coming in, but it warmed up quickly via body heat and actually helped with keeping warm.

Surfing was great fun, more then I could have imagined. I didn’t manage standing on the board, but nevertheless it was nice just lying on the board belly down and letting the waves carry my towards the shore.

What I had underestimated was the force of the water!
Usually when you get hit by a wave, you can balance it out quite well or you just fall over. If you however get hit by a wave + surfboard…well. You could say, that I got quite a few “hickeys” that day, wherever the surfboard kissed me. πŸ˜‚

After about 2 1/2 hours in the water, I did start to get a bit cold, so back on land it was, I carried the surfboard (which is quite heavy actually!) to the “base camp” and started to peel out of my wet suit. Getting it off took me half an hour, I am not kidding you!

The organiseres of the event had prepared a camp fire on the beach, where we could re-energizeΒ with hot dogs and cookies. We then enjoyed the sun for a bit and took a taxi back.

In the students house I got into a warm shower and then we took some sofas from the common room and put them in front of our house, in the sunshine. Nice thinking in theorie, in practise 8 degrees were a bit cold…
We are all sooo looking forward to the weather getting warmer, so we can do more stuff outside. Especially since the clocks went forward you can really tell that it stays light a lot longer in the evenings, until approx. 8pm!