Saturday, 11.March 2017
Despite the rainy weather we got the bus into town, walked around for a bit, got free pancakes and then happend to stumble into H&M.


There we got taken over by spontaneity, so four of us bought hair colours (beauty products are solely sold in clothing stores here…).
I wanted to redye my hear anyways, Mary had never dyed her hair before, so she wanted to try and Daniela and Linda wanted to try Balayage…

After this unexpected turn of events, we continued to stroll uptown because last week in the library we got told that every Saturday there is an International Cafe uptown.
Every week they repesent another country culinarily and this week it even was different countries.

We decided to buy some little dishes there and share them between us, so we could taste as much different things as possible.
As savory dishes we had: Moussaka with Lamb (Greece), Lamb-Kibbeh (Lebanon) and vegetarian Kibbeh (Syria).
Desserts: Rice pudding with saffron (Persia), Flancake (Phillipines) and Oreo-Cake (pretty international 😄).

We then wandered around the city a bit more and discovered this second hand shop, where I found this amazing read coat.

In the students home we then threw on some old clothes, got our towels and hair dyes and went down to the basement to the tiled space beside the saunas (yeeeah, our students home has saunas 😁) and opened our little “Hairsalon”. 😄

Since Daniela can even cut hair, there were some makeovers going on. (Nothing big, but we had a lot of fun!)

The whole thing then got interrupted by a bit of a medical emergency (nobody from my closer friends, but still…), which dampened the mood a bit, but also was very insightful regarding the different personalities. A social study would have been very interesting on this evening… 😅

Sunday, 12.March 2017
We once again we made our way into the city, it was time for Pannekakesøndag (Pancake Sunday)!
A cafe by the colourful houses in the inner city had this offer of 3 (massive) pancakes for 100 NOK (~ 10€). The thing we all noticed, was that even if 10 Euros for pancakes sounds like a lot of money, for here it was a pretty good price. So you see how your feeling for prices constantly changes… 😄


We spent about three hours in this Cafe, it was really nice, there even were (like in almost every Norwegian coffee shop) a lot of games and time was flying!