Monday, 6.March 2017
A typical Monday: Shuttlebus to Uni, Uni until 4 pm, Language Course until 6 pm and then taking the shuttle home.☺️

Tuesday, 7.March 2017
Since we only had University from 1 pm, I did my groceries in the morning and then, well… Uni it was. 😬

Wednesday, 8.March 2017
A whole day in the subject of “Migration”  was lying in front of us, we spent the morning at Uni and then took the bus into the city..

…had a coffee break…


…and then visited the local library.
I really liked it there and since my love for books kind of went away with the stress of recent years (well, it didn’t really go away, I just didn’t have time to read as much), I really enjoyed being surrounded by books once again.
The library in Stavanger is completely free and practically open 24/7, if you have a library card you can enter the library at all times, even if the counter isn’t occupied.
There are all kinds of books in dozens of languages and what I liked most was reading children’s books in all of these languages (or rather…looking at them 😊).

After our tour through the library and a short informational meeting, we discovered an exhibition of drawings from children’s books illustrators.

We could even get creative ourselves, what else would you expect from primary school teachers. 😉


Back at Uni we had Language Course and to pass the time until the Shuttle home was leaving, I went to the Gym…

Thursday, 9.March2017
Because we both had a bit of a weird day (although I am doing really, really good here, homesickness comes sneaking in at times…), Mary and me packed up and went to the nearest shopping center to get our mind off things.
There we found a really cool supermarked (large choice AND quite reasonably priced, we are satisfied so easily these days 😄) and then treated ourselfes to a freshly squeezed juice.


Back at home I made fresh chili with the food I just had bought.


Friday, 10.March 2017
Uni. Sportscenter.


In the evening the six of us made burgers and played card games.

I do know that the blog entrys are becoming shorter these past weeks… the problem is, there is not so much new stuff, things got into a kind of routine.
Of course I will continue writing about every week, but I want to keep the thrill, so I’d rather keep it short and entertaining! 😃