Monday, 27.March 2017
This week was once more caracterized by “Music crossing borders” – for our final assignment we (in groups of 6) have to make up a performance and present it next week…depending on how well that goes, I will upload a video on the blog. 😅

Smart as only I can be I left my laptop at home, so passing the time between the end of our rehersal (12 pm) and the beginning of Language Course (4 pm) I read a whole book. I still got it. 💪😂

Tuesday, 28.March 2017
New day, new rehersals.
Since the weather was so nice, Linda, Mary and me went down to the city after uni was done and walked around the harbour.
A section of the harbour got made into a playground with the help of old ship/fishing stuff. We got a few looks from some parents, which didn’t keep us from having the time of our life on that playground. #primaryschoolteachers

Further along the harbour we first found a slackline and then a pub with tables outside and…because the weather was so nice and we usually live very economical – we got a cider (for 13 euros. THIRTEEN!).

Wednesday, 29.March 2017
We had migration in the morning, the subject is very interesting but listening to the same person talking for 4 hours gets a bit… tedious.

Before Language Course I managed to get in a bit of time in the fitnesscenter and there is nothing else interesting to tell for now.

Thursday, 30.March 017
Even though we didn’t have any courses at uni, I went there in the morning and sat down in the library to finally get this blog up and running again!


In the afternoon I went to the gym and back at the students accomodation a lot of my friends had gotten visitours (as it was a long weekend), so I got to know a lot of families and friends. 😊

Friday, 31.March 2017
Banana Pancakes for breakfast 😀


Since Mary and me were the only ones not having any visitors this week or going to Bergen, we decided we’d do something educated instead of just sitting at home and so – we went to an art museum.

Art museum stays art museum, no matter what country you are in, so there were some strange things and since the museum was pretty small we actually spent more time waiting for the bus and riding the bus, than actually walking through the museum but well, at least we got out of the house. 😄

Back in Sola we made scones (sweet ones and savoury ones with cheese and onion) and I made some carrot soup.
In the evening we finally (finally!) watched La La Land and to say it it the words of a Spanish housemate: “That was great. I’m gonna watch it 10 more times.”