Monday, 13.March 2017 – Wednesday, 15.MarchΒ 2017
Another week of Uni…
We had a lot of courses, the rest of my time I mostly spent in the library to write, I also went to the fitnesscenter twice.
One evening I made “Frittatensuppe” for our group, which was very well liked, even if at the beginning it was a bit complicated to explain the concept ofΒ “pancake slices soup” to people. It does sound weird in English…Β πŸ˜‚
On Wednesday we went to a migration center – a center for immigrants to come to Norway, where they have the opportunity to get free education.
It was very interesting to see how Norway handles migration, their system seems to work really well.

Thursday, 16.March 2017
I went food shopping in the morning and later on prepared jelly shots for Friday, together with Mary, since it would be St.Patrick’s Day then. We made “Irish Flags Jelly Shots” with kiwi jelly, orance juice, coconut milk, gelatine and vodka.

When this was done we went to the student bar, the first time in a while.

Friday, 18.March 2017
St.Patrick’s Day got celebrated properly here since we have some Irish girls in our house and it was even the birthday of one of them and so these two happenings were united to one big party, complete with Irish Dancing, a lot of decoration and of course our jello shots!