Monday, 20.March 2017
International Week had (to be completely honest) a bit of a boring start, in the morning we just had several lectures and information events where we were told a lot of things that we already knew after three months of living here (Which bus goes to the city? Where do you buy the tickets? Which supermarket is the cheapest one?), but well, this was information relevant for the newly arrived guests.

All in all we had events like this until approx. 4 pm, interrupted by several “getting to know each other”- and Ice Breaker games ( – primary school teachers, I can only repeat myself 😂), which got a bit tiring after a while…
Linda and me had volunteered to tell the guests a bit about the Norwegian school system, which lead to several really interesting discussions about different educational systems and teaching methods.
We had a break from 4pm to 6pm, which we spent in our favourite coffee shop on campus – Bokkaffeen – and then it was already time for the International Dinner!

The university (which seems to be very generous about sponsering events!) had organised a buffet dinner where we could eat to our hearts (or stomachs) content – for free! – and then there were our cakes… 😍


The decoration team had done great work, every country was represented within the decoration and after dinner there were various activities – from learning folk dances to quizzes and an amazing live performance by Marie, Mary and Daniela (they had made a mash up out of some songs and then performed it!).

After the program was finished, we quickly cleaned up and then got taken home by the shuttle, where we  – after 14 hours of uni – fell into our beds.

Tuesday, 21.March 2017
For Tuesday we were told that we would be going to a nature school and… I don’t know what you think about if you hear “nature school” but I imagined something with trees and things to climb on. But no. Nature schools in Norway (or this one at least) are located at the sea!


So I was pretty dumbfounded when the people then told us that we would be going crab fishing…
After a little introduction to the sea life, we got life vests and before we knew it we were on a boat (it was pouring rain!) in the middle of the sea (or a fjord? I am never sure…).

As we arrived at a red buoy we then had to get in the nets with a sort of hook that was attached to a wooden stick and lo and behold – in the nets there were several crabs and even two fish!

Back on land the fish was beheaded in front of our eyes (yes, it was a bit gross but also very cool to see the beating heart of the fish out of its body…) and prepared for the grill.


Do you remeber when I told you about my great find of waterproof trousers at the flea market? Well… turns out that they weren’t that waterproof after all (which may be the reason  why they were that cheap…), so I spent 6 hours soaked to the bone – not the ideal situation to be honest. 😅

After a short coffee break we then got told the concept of this nature school: Lundsvågen Naturskole is no school that pupils visit daily, but there is a group of 5 boys each on every day of the week, who cause some problems at their home school so they spend a day of the week here.
The focus here is not on the “typical school subjects” but rather on the behaviour of the children and physical work.
The pupils that go to school here are in charge of the fishing nets, learn to drive a boat and how to filet fish. This gives them the opportunity to, on the one hand, maybe find out what they want to do with their life later on and on the other hand it is a “distraction” of the daily school life, it helps them getting through the rest of the school week without causing too many problems.

Afterwards we got a tour through the aquarium on the properties which is also taken care of by the pupils and we could see starfish, sea urchins, crabs and sea cucumbers close up and even hold them.

Then we went back on the boats and to an isle in eyeshot, which also belongs to school property (?!?!!!) and where in summer there are camps for regular schools as well as kayaking courses etc.
In spite of the pouring rain we got into kayaks and went for a paddle around the lake. Since this was my first experience with such a small boat I was a bit nervous (it was so wobbly!) but I ended up having a great time.

Back on land again our excursion had come to an end and we made our way back home. In the students home I immidiately got out of my wet clothes and went straight to the sauna, which actually prevented me from getting a cold! 😄

Wednesday, 22.March 2017
This day was organised by the people from “Outdoor Education”, so in the morning we walked to the woods behind the university where this day was going to take place.

We started with a game called “Catch the flag” – we got split into four teams for that and each team had to steal the “flag” of another team, so the players had to divide between defending their flag and trying to get the flag of the other team.

Next the students had prepared a “climbing parcour” – just with ropes tied around trees. The tasks here required a good sense of balance and quite a bit of strength and trust in your fellow humans.

For lunch we made a campfire and could grill sausages, stick bread and marshmellows.

Then there was a buch of trust exercises and several games, we had to balance things on our hands, run backwards and do a lot of other funny things.


At two o’clock we went back to uni and because we were smart enough to take a change of clothes with us and put them in the lockers of the gym, so now we could go there to change.

We had lunch in the Bokkaffeen and then waited there until the evening because there was a stand up comedian in Folken, set to perform at 7pm. The comedian was called Julien S. Bourrelle and he talked about  “Cracking the Norwegian Code” – he himself is from Canada and moved Norway several years ago and started to observe the “peculiarities” of Norwegian people.
Norwegians are very careful with giving space to other people, which means they don’t mean anything bad by not greeting or wanting to sit alone on the bus – they just don’t want to bother you. 😄


Thursday, 23.March 2017
On Thursday there were several activities on campus: we were trying out different experiments (visualizig erosion via shaking 10 sugar cubes in a glass jar, taking out one after the other after a minute each), learned to measure trees with a woden stick, played with inner organs made out of plastic and just stuff like that. 🙂😄

Later we went back to the students home and got ready after a nap, because there would be a silent disco in the city and because a lot of people have never been to one we really wanted to go.
At around 8 we met up for a game of Kings (a drinking game 😄) and at 10 we made our way into the city.  The silent disco was great fun, if a bit different then I know it. At home you get a pair of headphones where you can switch between two stations, here there were three stations and the headphones would glow in the colour respective to whichever channel you were listening to.
We danced quite a lot and since the event was “already” over at 1, we switched to another club after that.

The plan was to keep on going until 5:45 because that was when the first bus was set to come, but we gave up at around 4 am and took a taxi. I was in bed at around 4:30. My alarm was set for 6 am… 😂

Friday, 24.March 2017
First alarm: 6:00. Second alarm: 6:15. Third alarm: 6:30. Fourth alarm: 6:45. – DAMN IT, I wanted to take a shower.

With some kind of miracle in the space-time continuum, I managed to take a shower, blow-dry my hair and put make up on between 6:45 and 7:00. I had breakfast and got on the shuttle.

Attention in university was at an all time low that day because a lot of people from my course also went to the silent disco and all of us were just dozing off.

Back in the student accomodation we all fought sleep (and won), made pizza in the evening and then went to bed quite early. 😄