Saturday, 1.April 2017
Can someone explain to me how it is April already? Time moves too fast, it’s not even funny anymore!

After I pulled myself together in the morning and finally finished my last blogposts and posted them online, Mary and me went to “Kvadrat” – the shopping center close by.

We strolled through the different shops without the intention of buying anything but – I found a shirt in H&M anyways.  😁 (To my defense – it was on sale!)
By now I can communicate in Norwegian at the cashiers desk, but when the woman asked me if I had a membership card I was slighly overwhelmed and had to answer in English… 🙄😂

I quickly did my weekly shop in the massive supermarked and them Mary and me went back to that juicebar and spend again 8 Euro on a freshly pressed juice 😅 (but it’s worth the money!)

Because the weather was really beautiful, we decided to not spend the whole day inside but went home and to the beach with Aisling.
Since I didn’t buy a bicycle here, I had to borrow one and the French guy who was nice enough to borrow me his, unfortunately failed to mention that his bike had no working brakes… 😳🙈
After a short moment of slight panic, Aisling was so sweet and offered me her bike while she took the one without brakes.

And of course – in the exact moment when we left the hose, the sun hid behind the clouds. This didn’t keep us from cyceling to the beach anyways, sitting on the dunes until we practically turned into icicles.
Then, as soon as we were on the way back, the sun came out again…naturally.
We thought about staying then but we were just too cold then.

Back at home we slowly started to get ready for the evening – party time!

Sunday, 2. April 2017
Who says you have to go to the city for pancake sunday? Can still be done in the own kitchen! 😃


Sunday was a very baking happy day, in the afternoon I thought it was time to try something new – so I experimented with muesli bars, which turned out pretty well,! (Even if some tend to crumble…) 😀