Monday, 3.April 2017 – Friday, 7.April 2017

This week began by being quite work-intensive as we were still rehearsing for our performance in Music crossing borders and performing it on Tuesday. It went well, but I sadly have no video…

We decided to the performance as following:
We told a story in which we introduced ourselves and built in as much as we could from everything we had learned:

“Once upon a time there were six girls coming from different parts of Europe on an Erasmus journey to Norway. Each with their own background, their own story to be continued on a shared part of their life.
At first when they met, they were a bit shy because they didn’t know each other so they started to introduce themselves:
The two girls from Belgium proved to be the bravest ones, so the two of them started:
[Here the two belgian girls performed a folk dance.]

Next came Holland, who brought with her a lot of laughter and the song of her people:
[The girl from Holland sang a dutch song.]

Breaking all the stereotypes of being ernest and quiet, the German girl introduced herself with…
[Song, accompanied with guitar]

Switzerland then came swooping in with a lot of energy and presented herself and her country:
[Folk song, with guitar]

Last came the Austrian girl who had to make clear that after all there were no kangaroos in Austria… people got a bit confused sometimes.
[Since I didn’t love the idea of singing or dancing I took an Austrian children’s story and accompanied it with instruments 🙂 ]

After everyone now knew something about the others, they turned to an entirely different culture and language to get to know each other even better;
[Sasha – russian song to which we did a kind of clapping game.]

Over time they grew more to each other and also the Norwegian culture became part of them: As they all were in the field of early childhood education, naturally they got in touch with their inner child and tried to feel the way a Norwegian child does.
[Norwegian children’s song: Høyt i et tre.  If you split the group in two, with one group starting with 1x hey and increasing this and the other group starting with 7x hey and counting down, both groups will end with a collecitve HEY!
Høyt i et tre i California
der satt en liten nattergal
og sang falleri-fallera
Hey, hey, hey…]

Part of their education was to really connect cultures and people and so they used this song that didn’t ever really seem to get out of their head and combined it with a skill they worked hard to acquire:
[here we combined steps from the african and indian dance workshop and made them into a choreography to  Shape Of You]”

Inbetween rehearsing and performing I finally put my pumpkin seed oil (imported in February) to use and made breaded chicken and potatoe salad. 😊

Wednesday was an intense uni day and Thursday the last of those.
Yes, our last day in uni had arrived, after the easter holidays it would be time for practice. Like I said so many times before – time just flies by.  😳

Thursday: Sola Party! We invited our whole course to our accomodation to celebrate.

Friday was the first day I really had no plans at all, so I spent it just relaxing, I went to the sauna in the morning and spent the rest of the day reading and watching series.